We have developed a “disposable” lifestyle and estimates are that around 50% of plastic is used just once and thrown away.[…] It’s estimated that more than 10 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year.


The idea

Let's stop throwing away plastic! We believe that we need to do more than just replace single use plastic with other single use materials. We need to make use of the circular economy and create fewer, higher quality products, that are designed to last.

What is the origin of the raw materials used in Tortu containers?

In the manufacture of Tortu containers we use a virgin plastic called ABS, the same material used for Lego bricks. The material is food safe, super strong and extremely durable (as anyone who has ever stepped on a lego brick will know). We mix in some wood fibre for a natural feel and texture. This unique mixture allows us to provide guarantees on the quality and lifespan of the containers, as well as ensuring that they are safe for microwave and dishwasher use.

At the end of their life, all Tortu containers can be recycled into new objects.

The transparent lid is made from polycarbonate. We chose this material for its long lasting performance and super transparency, so you can clearly see the food inside.

Why not use recycled materials ?

It may seem like it would be more ecological to use recycled plastics, but unfortunately very few of these are homogenous (all of the same type and quality), so it is not possible to guarantee their quality, durability, or suitability for daily use as food containers. Our containers are designed to be used daily for many years, and by using the most durable materials, we extend their lifespan and minimise their carbon footprint.

What about bio-sourced and compostable materials?

Bio-sourced means made out of plants and there are more and more applications now where bio-sourced materials are successfully replacing plastics. But bio-sourced materials are limited in their strength, durability and heat resistance, so would not provide the long life we demand from our Tortu containers.

Many single use plastic items are being replaced by compostable equivalents, using materials such as bamboo. This is great news for those situations where single use items are absolutely unavoidable, but what we really need is to reduce our overall production and consumption and stop throwing stuff away! 

Tortu containers

Where are you based ?

Tortu is made by Retorno, in Zwevegem, Belgium, in the middle of the Flanders fields, not far from the French border.

Is your organisation linked to a bigger group?

Not really, but we have sister companies, all related to manufacturing.

I have a business, what can we do together?

Probably a lot, let's get in contact!

I see new business opportunities for your company, who should I contact?

We are always interested in new ideas, give us a call on +32 56 735 325 or send us a mail at info@tortu.com explaining your ideas and we will get back to you!